How was 2020

hey guys welcome back i feel soo bad for not writing in 2020, i wrote 5 days ago i couldnt upload it as i wanted to post it on 31st december but i got super busy anyways 2020 year was a hard year for all of us, due to corona virus, i never thought a virus like this will come in our lives and although it wasnt the worst year, but still i went through stress because of studies ,this virus and other things, i am soo sad that i couldnt be active on my blog i literally miss you guys soo much but i dont get the time to write a blog, 2019 was a great year i had more than 1k views which was my goal and i am soo thank full i achieved it, this year wanted to get more but i was soo inactive, till march 2020 it was great but after the virus i wasnt, first i was happy as the schools closed but my mom was scared of the virus and i couldnt go out much, as i missed going out as i used to and even though we do go out but because of the virus nothing seems like it used to and even though i was happy the schools closed but we barely got any summer vacations and then our schools got opened from june and since then we didnt and now i am having tests and i am only getting 10 days off for winter holidays and right after i have exams so it is not a holiday as i have to study, lets just all hope 2021 can be a good year for all of us. And i promise ill be more active, and my goal for next year is to get 100 followers hopefully as it has been 4 years since im writing and i am still on 30 followers, but i am thankful for every single one of you guys, write in the comments how was your year, byee 🙂

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