How was 2020

hey guys welcome back i feel soo bad for not writing in 2020, i wrote 5 days ago i couldnt upload it as i wanted to post it on 31st december but i got super busy anyways 2020 year was a hard year for all of us, due to corona virus, i never thought a virus like this will come in our lives and although it wasnt the worst year, but still i went through stress because of studies ,this virus and other things, i am soo sad that i couldnt be active on my blog i literally miss you guys soo much but i dont get the time to write a blog, 2019 was a great year i had more than 1k views which was my goal and i am soo thank full i achieved it, this year wanted to get more but i was soo inactive, till march 2020 it was great but after the virus i wasnt, first i was happy as the schools closed but my mom was scared of the virus and i couldnt go out much, as i missed going out as i used to and even though we do go out but because of the virus nothing seems like it used to and even though i was happy the schools closed but we barely got any summer vacations and then our schools got opened from june and since then we didnt and now i am having tests and i am only getting 10 days off for winter holidays and right after i have exams so it is not a holiday as i have to study, lets just all hope 2021 can be a good year for all of us. And i promise ill be more active, and my goal for next year is to get 100 followers hopefully as it has been 4 years since im writing and i am still on 30 followers, but i am thankful for every single one of you guys, write in the comments how was your year, byee πŸ™‚


WordPress Followers control my life for a day

hey guys welcome back. So about a year ago, I did a blog in which i had different polls, like what should i eat for breakfast etc. Go and read that blog Answer these polls, for a new blog, well i was not able to write a blog and i delayed a lot so here i am one year later.

Q:1 what should i eat for breakfast

so as you can see 35.71 voted for pancakes, usually i don’t eat pancakes as breakfast but i wanted something different so eat them, they look really good.

Q:2 Which clothes should i wear to the summer camp

54.55 people voted for a overall, but this year i couldnt go to the camp so i have online classes instead so i can wear it for that. but i didnt wanted to wear an overall at home for a whole day so instead ill wear a tshirt with a pair of jeans. i look really tall in this picture due to the angle but i am only 4’11. and i blurred my face out because i didni will get ready for fun and some pictures.

Q:3 Should i wake up early or late

These days i have online classes so they start at 9:00 and i wake up at 8:55 πŸ˜‚. and I don’t even eat breakfast. you guys voted for early which is better

Q:4 Should i wear makeup or not?

just to be clear i am only 13 so i am not allowed to apply too much makeup. I just apply mascara and lipgloss πŸ’„

Q:5 Should i tie my hair or not?

so 50% voted for yes and 50% voted for no, so i am going open my hair as you can see from the picture above

Q:6 Should i use the stairs or the elevator

okay so you guys voted stairs which is 66% and elevator is 33%. i asked that question because of the summer camp but i have an elevator and stairs both in my house so i got stairs

Q:7 Which snacks should i buy?

i like eating snacks while watching a movie, so i asked which snacks should i buy and 50% voted for potato chips. but i was hoping for popcorns but today you guys get to control my day. these chips look different as my mom got them from a bakery, but they were really good

Q: 8 Which flavour of slush

i am actually excited about this one as i haven’t had slush for soo long and i get to drink it for this blog! this tasted soo good and this is my favorite flavor now

Q:9 which movie should i watch?

i haven’t watched this movie in a year and you guys choose shazam so i watched it and it was soo good

Q:10 should i go out for playing badminton or stay at my house and play table tennis

in Quarantine i couldnt go out to play table tennis and you guys choosed at home so i played it after a really long time

Q:11 should i eat home cooked meal or order from outside as a dinner?

this was the last poll for the day, i was really full so i decided to make my self a coffee so majority of you guys choose home cooked so i made this at home and it was soo good i loved it

I had really fun writing this blog, it was soo fun that you guys decided my life for a day and if you want part 2 get this blog to 10 likes and i would love to make a part 2. and follow me on instagram



Things to do when you’re bored/ Quarantine

Hey everyone πŸ‘‹, welcome back so today i am going to be sharing some things to do when you’re bored, well i get bored 24/7 and all we do is sleep, and use are phones and there is another thing that is added in my boring routine is online classes, i came up with these ideas and some of them i was inspired by!! having a productive routine can make you feel happy and not bored even if you do these things daily i promise you that you won’t get bored of them. i hope you like these ideas!!. i came up with more than 70 ideas but they is going to be part 2 and 3

1:play with slime ⛓️

playing with slime not only relieves your stress but is also so mesmerizing to play with you can spend hours playing with it. go read my Slime series blog in which i thought you how to make all kinds of slimes!!

2: Make a journal πŸ“š

During this time make a journal, it can be any kind of journal, write your thoughts down, make a list and many things it is very fun and decorate it with stickers, tape, markers etc

3: Bake something πŸŽ‚

I bake a lot 🧁. during Quarantine i crave for sweets a lot, but it is not safe to order it so bake it at home, it is very fun to bake!!!

4: Learn new languages πŸˆ΅πŸ‰πŸˆΆ

learning new languages will not only be fun but it can enhance your knowledge.

5: Clean your room, and reorganize it 🧹

During Quarantine our rooms are soo messy and we don’t even dare to Clean it. it makes you feel much more productive and it is very fun

6: Learn new instruments 🎹🎸🎷

you guys can find out about your hidden talents during Quarantine. i learned how to play Piano during Quarantine i used to spend hours learning how to play piano and i finally did. 🎹

7: Play with your pets πŸ•πŸˆ

i can spend so much time with pets and I don’t even get bored.

8: Write a blog πŸ’»

i didn’t write a blog for so long and today i uploaded 3 blogs because it is soo much fun and it can also improve your Grammer

9: Play board games 🎲

you can play games with your family and games like Monopoly, jenga, scrabble.

10: Do a skin care πŸ€“

During Quarantine we forget to do our skin care, which can result in acne or breakouts so skin care is essential

that is it for today, i hope you got inspired to try some new things i wanted this to be a series so i will upload post about this everyday so stay tuned for it, do


How to be safe from covid19

Hi everyone, i am very happy that i have uploaded 3 blogs in this week and i will make sure to write as frequently as i can. Just to be clear, i am not a doctor or a specialist in this i am just reminding my followers and other people on how to be safe from this virus. During these 3 months of lockdown i have been very scared from this virus but these are some things i have been told by my parents and some things i have followed. i am 90 % sure if you follow these you will be safe.

the first thing is that for you safety think about others too!, no one is sure if they have coronavirus, as you face the symptoms after a few days. so wear mask. it is an essential element because you get the virus, when someone sneezes and touches other things with his hands and if you touch the same thing and put those hands on your face/nose. you can get the virus. so wear gloves too. the virus is not only outside but can be in your house too so, wash your hands after touching door handles, food and other things. if you buy things or food that comes in plastic packaging or without it so wash them too, and avoid touching your nose as much as you can and use masks that has a filter in it not the cloth mask and avoid touching the masks too. and sneeze🀧 inside tissue paper not in air or on your hands βœ‹βœ‹, and don’t buy hand Sanitizers that are scented or not for germs. avoid going outside as much as you can. don’t shake hands and don’t invite people in your house, just a reminder coronavirus is worse than you think it is. Coronavirus is a lot more dangerous. it’s not only that your lungs get damaged as you can’t even breathe for a long time. you can’t talk and have to wear the oxygen mask. how would you feel no one would come near you and it’s not only the one who has coronavirus but the other people surrounding that person has to wear the whole dress, glove ,masks for a whole day, even while sleeping because the germs are all over the house🏠, there are people who die even after the virus is finished but after a month or two, because their lungs are soo much damaged. another thing is that change your masks after 1-2 days. the masks are not expensive so change them frequently.

i really hope this blog helpedΒ  you, i hope you guys stay safe and your family. this virus is getting worse and i hope it gets better. again stay safe and don’t just think about your safety think about others too!!,

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3 years of blogging

Hi everyone, welcome back as i said i am going to be writing tommorow about my blog anniversary and why i wasn’t active for 8 months, i was really busy with my school exams, and other things and i was interested in YouTube and other things more so i forgot about WordPress. But i really wanted to write for my followers. 3 years has been a great journey. in 2017 i started writing i only 10 and now i am 13 about to be 14. My cousin inspired me on writing blogs which i am so grateful for. in 2017 and 18 i had only 4 followers, which were my sisters and her friend which motivated me to write more as i wanted to gain. but after my awards. and many blog posts i gained many views and i was happy to find out how many people were reading my blogs, and this year i don’t have many views only 100. but it is totally my fault but i will make sure i write twice a week. It is so sad for me that i can’t host a giveaway this year due to this current situation, covid19. every day i hope that the next day i wake up there is going to be a good news about this virus but instead, there are bad news as yesterday in my city there were 3 earthquakes, thank goodness i was sleeping but I don’t know how 2021 will be half of the year is gone, but you guys can take this time positively as you guys can do many things during this time and you guys can find about many hidden talents. as there is so much spare time. well i am not going to talk about this situation much because there is going to be a separate blog on this and this is a completely different topic to talk about!! but i wanted to thank every single one of you guys to make my years so special and for motivating and inspiring me. i will try to write as frequently as i can!!! β€οΈπŸ€“

i am really happy i have came this far!!! 🀧😊

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3rd Blog Anniversary

Hi guys, I can’t believe i have came this far, 3 years are a lot and the time goes soo fast. it seemed like a year ago when i published my first blog. I forgot that it is 15th. it is 12:00 am where i live and my twin sister reminded me that it is our blog anniversary. i have online classes tommorow so i have to sleep but i will upload another blog tommorow to about this Anniversary. and why i wasn’t active for a long time!!

please don’t forget to follow,like and comment to get updated for my upcoming blogs And i wanted to thank every single one of you who has been reading my blogs and keeping me motivated during this years!!! πŸ₯°


Why i Haven’t uploaded in a long time

Hey guys welcome back, i dont know if you remember me but i haven’t uploaded in 4 months which is sad, i was busy lately not too busy but i felt lazy writing a blog on 4th of july i turned 13 i officially a teenager and my school opened and i was really busy, in my free time i make youtube videos now but i wanted to take some time for my blog as well!!

I am going to be uploading a new blog next week!! ❀️❀️


Answer these polls, for a new blog

hey guys welcome back so today i am going to be doing something very different which is i am going to be asking some questions and you will answer through these polls for my new blog, so basically you guys are going to control my life for a day. I wrote another blog with was almost the same content in which i did the decision roulette controlls my life for a day. Go check that blog out it was very fun to write. Basically you guys are going to answer questions like “what should I eat as breakfast” and ” where should I go as outing” so in my next post i will check the results and i am going to basically show you every thing i do in a day but except you guys are going to control it.. This was very famous almost a year ago and the challenge was know as I let my Instagram followers control my life for a day and they put a poll on their stories and ask their followers by asking questions and by giving to answers so they have to choose one. My birthday was on 4th July so i was very busy but finally i am free now. And today I am giving my new followers a shout out , go check them out, they are amazing and give them a follow. If you want to get a shout- out in my next post all you have to do is to like, follow and you will get a shout-out In my next post.

Today’s shout out goes to ⬇️

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If you don’t want to click on the link to the polls, just go to my website and you can answers the polls without clicking on the links.

Q:1 what should I eat for breakfast? 🍞πŸ₯ž

Q:2 Which clothes should i wear to my Summer camp? πŸ‘Έ

Q:3 Should i wake up Early or late? 🌻

Normally i wake up at 8:45 so it would be considered late but if i wake up early it would be 8:00 which is not that late but i can get to do more stuff if i wake up early.

Q:4 Should i apply Makeup or not? ( not the full makeup) i only apply lip gloss and mascara! πŸ™†πŸ§š

Q:5 Should i tie my Hair? πŸ’‡

After this i would be leaving for the camp, so where i go for the summer camp it is a big place so we have to go till the 2nd floor normally i use the stairs because i am not that lazy but in the next poll you either have to choose from using the stairs or the elevator.

Q:6 Should i use the elevator or the stairs..?

After 2 hours, which would be 12pm, i head back to my house i am usually not that hungry at this time so i buy snacks and some times a slushie.

Q:7 which snack should i buy πŸ₯¨πŸŸπŸ₯―πŸ”

Q:8 which flavor of a slush

Q:9 which movie should i watch?

After this i would go for playing badminton with my brother and sister, or i can play table tennis with at my home

Q:10 should i go out for playing badminton or stay at my house and play table tennis

Q:11 should i eat home cooked meal or order from outside as a dinner?

Okay guys that is it with the questions i know they are too many but i would you to take some time to answer them, and i am going to write a blog about it after 2 days until all the results are here, and going upload the blog. Please don’t forget to like, follow and comment down your suggestions, see you guys later, byeee.


2nd Blog anniversary

hey guys welcome back so today is my 2nd blog anniversary, as on 15th june. I cannot believe it’s been two years ever since i started writing blogs,every day i reminded my self about the blog anniversary and i always wanted to upload the post at 12am but i could not do that and by the time this will be published it will be 16th already, i am currently writing this and it is 10pm in the place i live in and on 15th. and i am still mad at myself that i made it this late on a special occasion, i do not celebrate any other anniversary’s as i only have this one and my birthday and i have to make it as special as i can πŸ˜‚. I was busy alot lately as after uploading my liebster award post i have been travelling as i had summer holidays and my relatives came over and this was the only time i was free . And of course the Giveaway post will come some day sooner, Okay so the only thing i did last night is just bought a blog t shirt and some “2” balloons and just took some pictures and just cut the cake my sister made for fun not for the anniversary and yeah i was just celebrating my anniversary in just dressing up and taking pictures, i wish i could do something much better but i had less time. Anyways it’s to tell how my blog adventure went, it went great, it was even better than i expected it to be. i had such nice followers who supported me so much and i am so grateful for that, all of you guys mean a lot to me, i started blogging because of my cousin and always wanted to do it myself, by the time i was 10 in a half and it started writing blogs. It was the best thing i have ever done. I gained a lot of followers and views this years and i am very happy for that. I even gained more views in 2019 than in 2018. The best thing i like about blogging is giving my followers a shout- out because they deserve it! if you want to get a shout-out so all you have to do is like and follow and i would love to give you a shout-out.

Most amazing people on Earth ( aka: my followers).⬇

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Thank you guys ! 😊

Again i cannot believe i came this far, i love blogging and currently i am having my summer holidays and i will try to blog on daily basis, it’s just that i am worried to run out of ideas if i would would blog daily but i will try my best. I would suggest some thing to small bloggers is that it takes time, i am not a big blogger as well and i only have 25 followers but the thing is that it takes time to gain followers and views, 2017 and 18 i had less traffic and followers and i instantly gained them and another thing is to never leave hope!. i posted 39 blogs in these 2 years excluding this post. and i have gained 175 likes. There is another announcement that i will be 13 this july and then i am allowed to be on Instagram or Facebook, so this was just the beginning, there is more amazing content coming up. πŸ˜‰

i cannot believe that the world map is so much filled and there are some countries that i didn’t even heard the names of before.

my stats

here are some random pictures i took

i had to blur out the face just so it is too early for me to show my face as i already shared a lot of information.πŸ˜…

Again thank you so much, stay tuned till my other posts and please help me get to 50 followers this year and i know you guys can do it, i am grateful for your help. Thank god now it is 9 pm on 16th in the place i live in finally free from writing and please get this post to 10 likes and last time i asked you guys to do this and i got more than what i asked for which is great, and if you are new to my blog, welcome. My name is shanzay and i post different kind of content that you will surly love. i would love you to follow and like. see you guys later byeeee.πŸ’œπŸ’•

Answer this poll here “what type of blog is you favorite”


liebster award

hey guys welcome so today is a very exiting news as i got nominated for the liebster award by this amazing person ilona, she is the most amazing blogger ever. Words are not enough to express to you how grateful I am for the help you gave me. Thank you!. i am very happy to be nominated. Guys check her out and go give her a follow and like her posts, https://easydiet.blog/ . I also got nominated for the sunshine blogger award and i got the most likes on that post and i am very grate full to the people who had liked that post. And just for a reminder i am doing a giveaway on 15th june for my second blog anniversary so stay tuned for that. Please give this post a like and follow if you are new to my blog and share this post. πŸ’Ž


Rules ⬇

  • Thank the blogger who presented this award and link back to their blog. πŸ‘‘
  • Post the award on your blog. πŸ’Œ
  • Write 11 random facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 11 bloggers who you feel deserve this award and who have less than 200 followers.
  • Answer 11 questions posted by the presenter and ask your nominees 11 questions. 

there are different sets of rules and i choose this on because this seemed fun.and day before yesterday i posted a post which was known as 50 random facts about me so i took 11 random facts about me from that post https://shanzaysworld.wordpress.com/2019/05/30/random-facts-about-me/

11 Facts about me ⬇

  • The meaning of my name is princess πŸ‘‘
  • i can speak speak 4 languages and a bit of spanish.
  • i love chocolate chip cookies πŸͺ
  • i am a fraternal twin πŸ˜Š
  • i love singing and playing instruments 🎢🎀🎧
  • my favourite color is pink.  πŸ’œ
  • i have extremely long hair
  • i am 12 years old [ 13 in july]
  • i love to film videos and editing πŸ“·πŸŽ¬πŸ“Ή
  • i can sing 5 national anthems .🏁
  • i love to talk to myselfπŸ’•


Questions asked by Ilona ⬇

What is your absolute favorite color?  How long has it been your favorite ?

My favorite color is obviously pink and it was my favorite since, forever..πŸ’‹

Do you prefer city, town or country location to live?

i prefer city🏒

Do you enjoy eating at a restaurant? How often? 

yes i do enjoy eating at a restaurant, we mostly visit with cousins, holidays or weekends. πŸŸπŸ–πŸ—πŸŒ½πŸ

Do you prefer to rent or own your house?

my parents owns a house but when i’ll grow up i’ll own a house. 🏠

Do you have a car? What kind? 

Again, i am 12 years old so it is way too early for me to have my own car. πŸš—πŸ˜…πŸ˜‚, But my parents own a beautiful car.

If you had to make dinner for your family, what would you make?

i don’t know, because i am not interested in cooking but if it comes to baking i would bake brownies. 🍩🍫

Have you ever gone to an amusement park?

yes, and i love to try the scary rides. πŸ˜‰

What’s one of the scariest things you’ve done in your life?

umm, maybe rock climbing and hiking for 5 km. 😣

What’s one of the stupidest things you’ve done in your life?

The most stupidest thing i have done is , when i was 6, my mom took me to a party of her friends so one of their daughter was so annoying so i got mad and she was eating ice cream so i snatched the bowl from her and poured black pepper in her ice cream so she cried and then to calm her i put pepper in my ice cream too and showed her that it tastes delicious. 🍦

Have you ever broken a bone? If so, how and what? 

no i have never broken a bone.

Questions you have to answer ⬇

  • Which fictional character would be the most boring to meet in real life? πŸ‘°
  • What is the best and worst purchases you’ve ever made? πŸ‘πŸ‘Ž
  • if you had to change your name, what would your new name be, and why would you choose that name? 😊
  • What are some things that sound like compliments but are actually insults? 😫
  • What’s the most useless talent you have? 😭
  • What is the longest word you know? ➑➑➑➑➑
  • What is the best praise or advice you’ve received? πŸ’•
  • Which would you prefer β€” three wishes over five years or one wish right now? πŸ’™
  • If you could have one wish come true what would it be? ❣
  • Did you ever keep a New Year’s resolution? ❀
  • What was the worst present you’ve received? πŸŽ«πŸ†πŸŽ

The last questions i asked were very lame so today i took time to think and search for the question and please don’t forget to like, follow and comment down your suggestions i would love to read them and thank you guys for 20 followers. I cannot believe i came this far, it is all because of you support. byee